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the inspiration



"A piece may begin as a response to a mood, the essence of a shape, or a feeling about a material or color combination. Increasingly, the work reflects change and movement. The most successful work comes when I am able to sustain a feeling and follow it, allowing the piece to become what it needs to be. Certainly I look to create beauty. More importantly, I look to evoke an emotional reaction within the person viewing a work."



Inspired by natural shapes, structures, dimensions and palettes not obvious to the naked eye, Sally's basketry gives macro expression to the micro world.  She seeks the odd beauty produced by the effects of light and water on aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna;  in the diversity of shapes and hues revealed by electromagnetic and microscopic photography;  even in the dimensions of abstract mathematical concepts.  From these, Sally extracts ideas for simple and complex arrangements that exhibit nature's unusual color combinations.  Then she weaves her vision into being using rattan, palm, metals and other materials.

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