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the artist

"After weaving artistic works for over 35 years, I still continue to push the definition of "basketry"; to increase the complexity of my work; to stimulate the imagination of the viewer; and to create beauty."

I began collecting baskets as a teenager in Southern California - always searching the local shops for the most unusual ones, never thinking about where they came from. The synchronicity and realization of my life long love of basketry came full circle after moving to Michigan as an adult years later.

My life altering moment occurred the day I happened upon a new craft shop announcing "Basket Classes". I instantly envisioned that once I learned to make baskets I would combine the traditional craft of basketry with my arts background to create organic sculptural designs unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Before I knew it, the images in my head were becoming a reality. My traditional basketry weaving techniques enabled me to develop my very own peerless art form by freely using my imagination and creative interests.

Though retired from traveling to exhibit and sell my work, I am honored to have succeeded doing that for 33 years and that my work continues to be recognized.  A few pieces still are available, which you can see on the "Available Art" page.

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