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The Art Form

"My goal is to continually challenge assumptions and stretch the definition of what the ancient craft of basketry can be. As I seek new challenges, my work becomes more complex. While following the artistic vision, each piece must be carefully thought through. There are design and craftsmanship decisions to make every minute."

"Each piece of artistic basketry is an original creation, designed and woven entirely by me without assistance from employees, apprentices or helpers. I first study an idea through drawings and fashioning small clay models, giving careful thought to shape and color as integral elements of the design."

"As I begin work on the actual piece, I mentally enlarge the design to full size. I never use molds or armatures to form my creations, but rather determine how to distort the warp and weft of the weave around a virtual shape of air to create a sturdy, valid sculpture that retains the integrity of the weave. The flowing shapes are deliberately formed during the weaving process. Growing the piece one row, one 'stitch' at a time, until the shape is completed."

"My creations are made mostly of rattan and palm. I may also harvest and use other plant materials, as well as metals, plastics and handmade papers. After the piece has been woven I paint the basket by applying 10 - 50 layers of translucent artist acrylics with an airbrush, followed by 3 coats of sealant."

Depending on the intricacy of the design and the detail involved, it may take Sally up to three months to complete a piece. But the resulting finished basketry is a marvel of form, structure and color designed to make a striking visual impact.

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